The illusion at your fingertips

The trompe l’oeil with chalk is a breeze! This site is made to show you this skill and make you want to do it too!

We are also an association under the law 1901 whose object is the development of individual and collective creativity through the practice of traditional knowledge of drawing and particularly the practice of “trompe l’oeil with chalk.

We organize workshops, training sessions, animations, and participate in cultural events. We create, finish and sell educational tools inherent to this activity. Grants, donations and sponsorship are welcome.

Street art

Create your own decor

Le trompe l’œil on the floor with chalk is an urban practice that is part of street art. The precise term is anamorphosis: it is an inverted perspective and it is the question of knowing what one must draw seen from above on a horizontal plane to obtain a coherent form from a given point of view in the space. Thus, by the emergence of an imaginary object, it allows one to create one’s own decor, to reclaim the urban space, to live in one’s place of life, but also to connect oneself by questioning the passers-by.

Educational interest

To draw is to learn to look

The trompe l’oeil with chalk is an artistic activity based on living together. The collective fulfillment of these works requires respect, sharing and cooperation. It responds to the need for recognition and social belonging and can be a lever to creating communal participation. Its result is aesthetic and rewarding. It’s very playful as it involves general motor skills, strengthens self-confidence and encourages creativity. However, this activity requires good spacial vision and should be used to develop that skill.

Methods and tools

The trompe l’oeil at your fingertips

Forte de nombreuses créations d’anamorphoses seule ou avec un public participants d’enfants, ado ou adultes depuis 2010, j’ai mis au point 2 méthodes afin que cette activité artistique soit accessible à tous dans l’espoir qu’il devienne un art populaire favorisant le lien et participant à la transmission des savoirs. Imaginons ensemble notre espace à vivre, l’objectif est de faciliter l’accès à cette pratique d’une manière autonome via des tutoriels vidéos et des mallettes pédagogiques sous la forme de patrons et de fiches pratiques. Ainsi elle s’adresse autant aux animateurs ou enseignants qu’aux particuliers passionnés de dessin.

Youtube tutorials

This method based on the geometry and the observation of real objects in the space. It allows you to easily construct anamorphoses with simple materials and to create, with a little imagination, your own drawings.
On request I can send you a free PDF with precise but adaptable basic diagrams.

Sur demande je peux vous envoyer gratuitement des PDFs avec des schémas de base précis mais adaptables.

Teaching kits

Anamorphosis is a distorted image that returns to its original shape when viewed from a particular angle.

These briefcases contain patterns of anamorphoses that, after carrying them on the ground and adding in color, will appear in your environment as characters, animals or imaginary plants.
They are representations of living subjects or objects for which the time of creation is considerably shortened so that group participation becomes possible.

The contents of the teaching kits:
One or more patterns on tulle
The model (s) in color and plasticized
a manual
technical sheets

Hand-made on custom order only: 2 months maximum delay.

Creation of custom templates on request.

Other realisations