1. Street art, anamorphosis, what is it?
  2. Tools
  3. Educational interest

1. Street art

The philosophy of trompe l’oeil with chalk

The trompe l’oeil on the floor with chalk is an urban practice that is part of street art. The precise term is anamorphosis: it is an inverted perspective and it is a question of knowing what one must draw seen from above on a horizontal plane to obtain a coherent form from a given point of view in the space. By the emergence of an imaginary object allows it to create its own decor, to reclaim the urban space, to live in its place of life. But it also allows it to connect by challenging the passersby.

These ephemeral works refer us to the consciousness of impermanence, the foundation of our humanity, the basis of culture and traditions.

Véronique Moinard, author and speaker, was born on May 24, 1957. After 5 years of artistic studies and various professional experiences, she became an illustrator – freelance graphic designer, specializing in realistic illustration and architectural perspectives.

In the 90s, the appearance of the computer jostled the professional space and the practice of drawing was physically limited to a finger pressure on the mouse, a color approach dependent on the calibration of the computer screen and printer, as a percentage CMYK or RGB. Farewell the delicate strokes, the light of day, the poetry of an ultramarine blue, a burnt umber or a Naples yellow. Hello to sitting, static and confined … In 2008 I said STOP!

Worried about environmental problems and interested by the work of Julian Beever high-profile on the web, it is by creating the bear in ice floe in Ralliement Place in Angers that I became aware of the constraints related to the size of these creations. The idea of patrons, as well as as group participation, has been brought to the forefront.

Then I also became aware of the idea of transmission of the skills of drawing and the method of creation of volumes starting from simple geometrical bases took shape.

Drawing is ephemeral, the final staging allows us through photography to be in the picture, ushering in the new paradigm: let’s be actors of the re-enchantment of the world.

My approach is essentially educational and privileges the process of the technical explanation. My goal is to restore meaning to the view, to show the underlying illusion that gives the ability to see society by the staging of an object and the illusion that it covers.

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2. Training and practice tools

The trompe l’oeil to wear

Forte de nombreuses créations d’anamorphoses seule ou avec un public participants d’enfants, adolescents ou adultes depuis 2010, j’ai mis au point 2 méthodes afin que cette activité artistique soit accessible à tous dans l’espoir qu’il devienne un art populaire favorisant le lien et participant à la transmission des savoirs. Illustration de : imaginons ensemble notre espace à vivre, l’objectif est de faciliter l’accès à cette pratique d’une manière autonome via des tutoriels vidéos et des mallettes pédagogiques sous la forme de patrons et de fiches pratiques. Elle s’adresse autant aux animateurs ou enseignants qu’aux particuliers passionnés de dessin et de street art.

With many creations of anamorphoses to my credit or done within a group of children, adolescents or adults since 2010, I developed two methods so that this artistic activity will be accessible to all . It is my hope that it will become a Popular art form that creates connections for those participating in the transmission of this knowledge. An Illustration of: Imagine together our living space, the goal is to facilitate access to this practice in an autonomous way via video tutorials and educational kits in the form of patterns and fact sheets. It is addressed as much to the animators or teachers as to the private people who are passionate about drawing and street art.
We are very concerned with respect of legislation, for all that concerns the safety and the convenience of the traffic in the streets, places and on the public roads, the enactment of these two methods does not require any particular apparatus and leaves the field free to circulation.
There is no need for special locations, just a stabilized floor, and for more safety, a covered shelter in case of rain.
The materials: chalks, pastels, charcoal, cardboard and rags make it an inexpensive hobby.

Les mallettes pédagogiques sont réalisées d’une manière artisanale et leur utilisation a été expérimentée lors de nombreuses animations. Le temps de mise au point d’une mallette étant plutôt long je propose une nouveauté tous les ans.

Actuellement le choix des thèmes des mallettes est relatif aux problèmes environnementaux et fait écho à une phrase de Georges Moustaki pour introduire sa chanson «  il y avait un jardin » : C’est pour les enfants qui naissent et qui vivent entre l’acier et le bitume, entre le béton et l’asphalte et qui ne sauront peut-être jamais que la terre était un jardin.

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3. Educational interest

Learning to draw is to learn to look

By its inscription in the urban space, trompe l’oeil with chalk is an artistic activity based on living together. It gathers us. The collective completion of these works garners respect, sharing, and cooperation. It responds to the need for recognition and social belonging. It can be a lever to a creating and fostering a group setting. Its result is aesthetic and rewarding. As it is Playful, it involves general motor skills, strengthens self-confidence and encourages creativity. This activity, however, requires good spacial vision and should be used to develop that.

Practiced outdoors, it offers the ability to observe the environment, the light, the lines and the traffic.

Because size is important, the location is important. By diving into into the unusual dimension of the exercise of drawing, we put the scene t in human scale, perceptible to the staging with the actors.

It’s an illusion. From the notion of point of view, it can serve as a support for a philosophical reflection and the development of a critical spirit.
Depending on the project developed, it can also be the gateway to exchange on various themes.
Ephemeral, it allows error and experimentation.
The technique of chalk and pastel does not require special skill and makes it possible to really experience color and form by immersion in the size of the drawings.